How To Build Muscle Without Weights With Home Based Exercises

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Article by Jefferie Wilkenson Many people are looking for the answer to how to build muscle without weights. In this article we will take a look at some bodyweight exercises that will help you to build muscle without weights, from home. No fancy equipment is needed, you just need a gym mat and your own bodyweight and a small bit of floor space. No gym is required. Your body will become the gym. Bodyweight Exercises to build muscle without weights: Narrow Grip Push Ups. When you do a push-up with a narrow grip you will place a focus on exercising [...]

Use A Yoga Ball for Fitness and Strength

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Article by Eddie Lamb A yoga ball is a special exercise ball made of elastic rubber having a diameter of about 22 to 34 inches (55 to 85 cm). It has come to be known by a variety of names like exercise ball, sports ball, gym ball, Swiss ball, Pliates ball, fitness ball, and body ball. Swiss ball is its commonest name. Other names are given to it depending on the specific type of exercise for which it is used, yoga being one of them. Besides exercise, yoga ball is used in physical therapy. However, it should not be confused [...]

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast – Office Clerks Can Make It

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Article by Saturnino Baird It can not be denied that it is hard for people who are sitting in front of the computer monitor all day long in the office to maintain their figure or lose belly fat. They always complain about their lack of time for exercising and strong appetite for goodies. However, losing belly fat fast doesn’t necessarily need much time and starvation. That is something that you will find out if you stay with me until the end of this page. You need to build a positive mindset in the first place. You should know that the [...]